Building our war team now

Join us to: #L8L28280

// Players +

Recruiting now:

  1. Max TH13
  2. Loyal
  3. Respectful
  4. English Speaker
  5. Play clan games
  6. Very Active
  7. Apply by discord: https://discord.gg/frTtT4w


Family Clans:

  1. BLTS ALSUT ( Hayao Tournament clan and CWL Master 1) #YJ90R9V9
  2. Downfall Legend (Master 1) #8LPGJQ0R
  3. #CHALANGE ME! (Master 2) #8YJLQVLCC
  4. TOXIC WARRIORS (Crystal 1) #VCY28YL2


Links for recruitment:

  1. SuperCell: Need a Clan
  2. SuperCell: Looking for Clanmates
  3. reddit
  4. clash of stats
  5. clashchamps

Our clan:

Always Max Clan Games

Wins: 431 Losses: 80


Watch the following YouTube channels:

Ticticboom Gaming

JY7 Gaming

Clash with Ian

Look for "best war base th13 2021" on Youtube

Look for "how to 3 star max th13 2021" on Youtube

Watch all 3 star attacks in war


Donate what's requested (We kick out players who donate wrong)

Be respectful

Challenge after request

Be active and practice

Play clan games

Keep your war preferences updated (green or red)

Elder and co are earned

Read your inbox, specially when you are in war

War Rules:

Share your attack and challenge to be in war

Use your 2 attacks in war

Get latest anti-2 stars war base

Must have a decent attack in war

Your heros must be up

Wait for lowers players attack first

Lower players must use your 2 attacks in the first 6 hours

We attack for more stars, you don't have to attack your mirror

Ask co if you don't know your target

War Statistics:

Wins: 431 ----- Losses: 80

Updated on 01/12/2021